• Regarding The choir in general
  • Dear friends in the Salem Choral Society,

    There are no words to express the impact that participation in the choir had on my nephew. As a classical music major, his focus has mostly been on the seriousness of music and the need to be as perfect as possible. He has never been in a choir, and joining the SCS opened up a whole new approach to music for him. He learned the joy of practicing and presenting; joy not only for the performers but also the audience. Yes, we strove to be the best we possibly could, but it was just a completely different approach from what he is used to. His prior experience is all about the satisfaction of a job well done, but the added component of JOY and LAUGHTER which he experienced with you is so valuable!

    Through your outreach he learned about the American heart. You were all so gracious to him and so welcoming. He learned the joy of community. He learned the joy of collaboration. He learned the joy of camaraderie.

    I filmed the presentation of the polo shirt for him. He and his girlfriend watched it together - you know young people can do all of these things through the marvels of technology! - and she cried. Both she and Kilian were equally moved by your kindness. And the shirt is a perfect fit!

    Reed, you made a real difference in his life. After the first rehearsal, he wasn't sure how to "take" your humor, as he just isn't used to that sort of thing. But he quickly grew to love and appreciate your humor and your style. He admires and respects you so very much. Because of you he grew both professionally and personally. He saw your love of music and your incredible expertise. He saw your love of your family. And because of you he is a better person and has a wider vision of what being a musician is all about. "Thank you" is not adequate!

    As I retire and have more time, I rejoice at having the opportunity to sing again. See you soon.

    I live in Maryland but once by chance heard Reed Carter and his choir perform at a local event in Salem. I'm not necessarily a lover of choral music but I loved what I heard so much that I came to the future performance at the church that he announced during that event. It was nothing short of magical. That was years ago. Every time I visit Salem (I have a second home here) I try to coincide my visits with his choral performances - the last being this past Sunday which was so packed I perched on the edge of the last row in the church. I can see others share my love of these events. Once again I was enchanted. As I said earlier there is something very magical that Reed Carter and his choir communicates through their music that I can't put my finger on. It is a mystery but the beauty I experience through each song, I simply feel and love. The best advice my mother gave me was - if you truly love something about someone, tell them to their face, don't just keep it to yourself. So please tell Reed Carter and his choir of the sheer joy their spirit of music gives me.