Support Salem Choral Society

A non-profit choir, Salem Choral Society is self funded, with all revenue directed to the running of the choir. 

Sing With Us or Come to Our Concerts
  • First, we would love to have you sing with us in the choir!  Use the Contact Points page to get more information regarding singing with the Salem Choral Society.
  • Just as important as singing with us, we would love to have you in the audience at our performances!  Check out our event calendar page to see information about our next concert.
All of our singers are volunteers, we are here because we love to sing!  However, our dues only pay some of our expenses.  Please consider some ways to help support the chorus financially.

Other Ways to Support Us
  • Our group of singers is totally volunteer and our members pay dues to help support our group.  However, we can always use your support to help us pay for our music, our venue, our ability to bring in guest musicians and our other operating costs.  If you would like to donate to the Salem Choral Society, please download Salem Choral Society Donation Form  and send in your donation to the address on the donation form.
  • If you shop at Kroger, link your Kroger card to support The Salem Choral Society in the Kroger Community Rewards Program.  Money you spend at Kroger, can go to support the choir and all you do is swipe or scan your Kroger Card.


For full details please contact us at